T-Shirt maker roundup from SXSW15, and other random stats

Attending SXSW is a crazy ride on many fronts, but the first you are able to process mentally are the little things. As soon as you arrive home and decompress, you’ll pick up on the oddest of observations. These are a couple of mine.

T-Shirt makers, by the numbers

While removing tags from and washing all the free t-shirts I collected from SXSW, I thought it might be an interesting collection of manufacturers—for people who like numbers, or who order shirts for things:


  • All are soft tees unless noted as heavy. There’s been a dramatic shift toward high-quality tees over the past few years. Geeks are people too!
  • TulTex is a brand I’d never seen before.

Health numbers, via my trackers

  • Steps – On an average conference day, you walk just over 20,000 steps.
    (range 16,100-27,200; my typical workday is 4,000 with weekend spikes)
  • Sleep – On an average conference day, you sleep 4 hours and 28 minutes.
    (range 2:40-6:05; typical is 7:30; on my first night back I slept 8:59 and probably would’ve slept another hour without my alarm)
  • Food – On an average conference day, you consume 2,951 calories.
    (range 2,478-3,465; my typical is 2,000)